About us

Mayaki Caritas is an organisation whose purpose is to fund education for disadvantaged children in Zambia. By disadvantaged, we mean orphans or children of impoverished parents, particularly single mothers.

We are registered in the Norwegian organisation registry, the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

Registration number: 921 749 856

We will be following high standards of ethical operations, with focus on reducing corruption to ensure as much as possible of the funds reach the children.


For some years, Judith Milumbe Horntvedt, had a dream to help children and women in need in her home country, Zambia. She asked her sister, Kildah Milumbe Munsanje, to help making the dream come true.

The sisters contacted the church in the Chisamba area outside the capital Lusaka. The church had been built by Judith. The church doubled as a school building.

The sisters have organised and run a preschool and primary school. The school, named Mayaki Caritas, is financed by private funds. Over time, the buildings have been expanded, and by year-end 2018, a new school building has been erected. The school building provides includes pre-school, a first grade class room, an office, an outside chicken pen and toilet. The plan is to expand to include facilities for up to seventh grade.